A specialized website expects an increase in the Iraqi GDP per capita


The German website “Statista,” which specializes in market and consumer statistics, estimated on Monday that Iraq’s per capita GDP will exceed $6,000 by 2028.

In a table obtained by Shafaq News Agency, the website stated, “It is expected that the per capita GDP in Iraq will rise continuously to reach $6,678 in the year 2028, instead of $6,180 in 2023, an increase of 8.05%.”

According to him, “the largest per capita share of gross product in Iraq during the past 15 years was in 2013, when it reached $7,021, and the lowest share was in 2009, when it reached $3,701.”

This metric measures GDP per capita at current prices, therefore GDP was first translated from national currency to US dollar at current exchange rates and then divided by total population.

GDP is a measure of a country’s productivity that refers to the total value of goods and services generated during a specific time period (in this case, a year).


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