A representative reveals the reason for delaying the disbursement of budget funds despite its approval


Representative Mustafa Al-Karawi, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, explained Monday the reason for the delay in disbursing budget money notwithstanding its approval.

Al-Karaawi stated at a news conference, “The disruption to disbursement of the budget and the delay in its release are due to administrative problems and also the failure to complete data by the relevant ministries and departments.”

He said, “Today there was a hosting for the Minister of Planning, and before that for all governors, and it was decided to disburse dues for the costs of ongoing projects, and we are in the process of increasing disbursement in the coming days after the availability of cash in the budget.”

He went on to say, “With regard to investment projects, the governorates have begun preparing their plans according to planning standards and sending them to the ministry for approval.”

The Finance Committee hosted all of the governors yesterday to discuss the plans developed to distribute financial allocations and follow up on the projects included in the federal general budget law and instructions for their implementation, as well as the actual expenditure for each governorate.

The House of Representatives has already voted on the three-year budget bill (2023-2024-2025).

The Iraqi Facts Department in the Ministry of Justice announced the publication of Instructions No. (1) of 2023 related to facilitating the implementation of the federal budget, the Law of the Republic of Iraq for the Fiscal Years (2023-2024-2025) No. (13) in the Facts newspaper at the beginning of the seventh month.

Despite the approval, the money has not yet been paid to the ministries, causing delays in project finance.


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