A representative expects the oil and gas law to be passed after the provincial council elections


Today, Thursday, Ali Al-Mashkour, a member of the Parliamentary Oil and Gas Committee, acknowledged the presence of 11 contentious issues in the Oil and Gas Law, and said he expected its adoption after the mid-December municipal elections.

“The oil and gas law is a subject of disagreement between the federal government and the region, as they both view it from their own angles,” Al-Mashkoor continued, pointing out that there are 11 contentious points regarding its articles that were drawn up by the federal government, and they require time to be resolved because they are in the spirit of the law and interfere with its name.

According to the law, one of the contentious issues is the formation of the Oil and Gas Law Authority, which includes representatives from the producing governorates, the federal government, and the region, and whose president is the Federal Minister of Oil, whereas the region wants the region’s Oil Minister to be an equal to it, with the law expected to be passed after the local elections. The date has been set for mid-December.

There are no two states in Iraq, according to Al-Mashkoor, but rather a federal government and a region, and we ask for the centralization of the legislation to take into consideration the rights of the provinces and the area, indicating his committee’s willingness to pass the law at any moment.


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