A politician reveals an “unexpected” position of the framework regarding the Sudanese completing his governmental term


Dr. Qusay Mahbouba, a liberal politician, stated yesterday, Wednesday, that forces within the coordination framework do not want Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani to complete his governmental term, and while he noted that Al-Sudani’s popularity is not at the level of ambition and that he must take steps that affect the lives of citizens, he mentioned the Palestinian war, emphasizing that Iraqi factions have nothing to do with this equation.

On the 8th program with Ahmed Al-Tayeb, followed by ” Gazette “, Mahbouba stated that “forces within the framework do not want the Sudanese to complete his governmental term,” indicating that “there is popularity for the Sudanese, but not at the level of ambition,” emphasizing that “the Sudanese need to take steps that will allow him to complete his governmental term.”

He went on to say, “The Sudanese has a great desire to work, and I advise him to continue following up on the projects directly,” pointing out that “projects to remove bottlenecks have reached 17 percent, but the contractors have not received operational advances, and the Central Bank does not have a plan to cover the money required for the budget.”

Regarding the political aspect, Mahbouba stated, “The data speak of holding local elections, and we encourage religious forces not to interfere in political work,” but he also noted that “the Communist Party is similar to political Islam and we will not ally with it, and it is not possible to enter into an alliance in which the Communist Party exists.”

He went on to say, “We will not enter into an alliance in which there is political Islam, the Communist Party, or the Baathist Nationalist,” and pointed out that “political Islam failed in Egypt, Libya, and Iraq.”

In terms of the Palestine issue, Mahbouba noted, “the Iraqi factions have nothing to do with the Palestinian equation, and there is no such thing as the Iraqi resistance, and the Palestinian resistance must avoid making mistakes.”

He continued, “Palestine is a just cause and there is no doubt about it. There are a million Palestinians displaced within 11 days, and the war does not mean the lightning operation carried out by Hamas, and that Israel presented what happened as being oppressed before the world, and the decision on peace and war cannot be given to the hands of one organization.” “What will happen is the division of Gaza into northern and southern parts.”

He pointed out that “the Iranian people will not accept to fight a battle that is not theirs, just as Hezbollah will not engage in an open war with Israel, and the Houthis and the Syrian regime will not change the balance of power in the Palestinian war, and Qatar will not be allowed this time to participate in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, and the Hamas movement has lost its authority over it.” Gaza strip,.


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