A parliamentary committee proposes a solution to the controversial points regarding the oil and gas law


Kazem Al-Touki, a member of the Parliamentary Oil, Gas, and Natural Resources Committee, said on Monday that the difficult aspects surrounding the oil and gas legislation require political conversations between Baghdad and Erbil in order to address the law and forward it to Parliament for a vote.

According to Al-Touki, “The specialized committees have finished discussing all the files related to the oil and gas law in order to prepare for its presentation and discussion between the government and political parties, as well as the discussion of the law between the region and the Ministry of Oil.”

Furthermore, he stated, “It is hoped that the oil and gas law will be discussed during the next legislative term of Parliament, especially since the relevant committees were able to resolve all the technical controversial points in this law except for the problems related to the region, which require discussions with Kurdistan in order to move forward with the law.”

He went on to say that “resolving the law requires resolving controversial issues through dialogue with the region through political parties, especially since the technical committees have resolved all controversial points regarding the law except for some points that require political intervention.”


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