A parliamentarian identifies 3 steps to end the “electricity war” in Iraq


On Saturday, Salem Al-Anbuki, a member of the House of Representatives, suggested three methods to stop Iraq’s electrical conflict, while emphasizing that sanctions were not a deterrent.

“The country witnesses from time to time a series of attacks targeting electricity transmission lines, whether in Diyala or elsewhere,” Al-Anbaki stated in an interview with Al-Maalouma, “which leads to crises in energy supplies.”

“The targeting operations are not chaotic and are taking place on important lines in multiple regions, raising many questions,” he added.

“There are three steps to end the electricity war,” the member of the House of Representatives explained, “including revealing the identity of those behind it and exposing those supporting the sabotage operations, as well as doubling the penalties to be more stringent with actions that are essentially terrorist, because they lead to sabotaging important axes in the country’s institutions.”

“Power interests, internal and external goals, and terrorist acts are all headlines behind the electricity war in Iraq,” he said, emphasizing “the necessity of reconsidering field plans and adopting modern frameworks for monitoring and follow-up.”

More than ten direct targeted operations occurred along transportation routes in 2023, particularly in Diyala and Salah al-Din.


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