A parliamentarian criticizes Romanowski’s meeting with the Kuwaiti ambassador to Iraq: insolence and exceeded its limits


Today, Thursday, a member of the House of Representatives, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, described the meeting between the US Ambassador, Elena Romanowsky, and the Kuwaiti ambassador, as “insolence,” while confirming that the ambassador had surpassed her bounds.

In an interview with Al-Maalouma Agency, Al-Baldawi stated that “the United States of America is acting insolently, interfering in the affairs of peoples and inflicting calamity and destruction upon them.” “In any country where America is present, it finds wars, problems, hunger, and poverty,” noting that “America has not entered a country and worked for its development and development in its lifetime.”

“The American ambassador inside Iraq has taken on more than her role,” he said, “and her transfer here and there is a result of America’s bad politics, misbehavior, and her lack of knowledge of the Iraqi people’s situation.”

“The American side practices a policy of interventions in every country in which it is present, not just Iraq,” the member of the House of Representatives explained, adding that “Washington looks as if it is the mistress of the world and it is the one who controls and controls the fate of countries.”

According to Al-Baldawi, “all countries around the world where America has a foothold, whether in Europe, Africa, or Asia, will continue to suffer from American politics and interference.”

“If the current government succeeds in providing services and persuading the people of its activities, activities, and procedures, and the citizen seeks them,” he stated, “the situation will change, and America will not remain in this state.”

Earlier in the day, US Ambassador Elena Romanowski met with Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq Tariq Abdullah and discussed Iraq’s economic progress, as well as certain regional concerns and the electricity connectivity project.

The acts and attitudes of the US ambassador to Baghdad have sparked a wave of public and political outrage as a result of her circumventing diplomatic frameworks and threatening the country’s sovereignty “to the wall”; Following the meetings it holds on occasion


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