A parliamentarian answers… Will restarting factories reduce demand for the dollar?


Today, Friday, Salem Al-Anbuki, a member of the House of Representatives, discussed the impact of reopening manufacturing on the dollar in Iraqi markets, while pointing to reasons putting pressure on the parallel market.

According to Al-Anbaki, in an interview with Al- “The most important factors putting pressure on the parallel market and pushing dollar prices to rise is the lack of national products that enable them to contain market demands for many goods, which leads to the import of approximately 95% of needs, which requires the availability of hard currency.” To the buck.

“Rethinking the national economic strategy, pushing factories and laboratories to produce, and closing the large gap in the import balance will reduce demand for the dollar by no more than 1%,” he continued.

He went on to say that “the rise in the dollar causes severe harm to more than 13 million people who are below the poverty line because of its impact on raising prices, especially basic food items.”

The Iraqi currency market has seen an increase in the dollar exchange rate in recent weeks, particularly as it approaches the 170,000 dinars per 100% threshold.


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