A leader in the framework: The strategic agreement with Washington will be canceled immediately after its direct intervention in Palestine


The coordination framework’s chief, Jabbar Odeh, reaffirmed on Tuesday that the deal with Washington will be terminated immediately if it intervenes actively in behalf of the Zionist entity.

“What is happening in the Gaza Strip now can be described as a genocide of a revolutionary people who resist the occupation with determination and determination,” Odeh told Al-Maalouma. In the face of the lethal machinery funded by the West, the Palestinian people continue to provide scores of victims every minute.”

“The security agreement with Washington will be immediately canceled if it directly supports the Zionist entity and sends soldiers to confront the Palestinian resistance,” he warned. If the use of American bases in Ain al-Assad or Harir to transport weaponry to the Zionist state is verified, we will not sit inactive.”

He went on to say that “what is happening in the Gaza Strip now represents a revolution against the occupier, and Operation Al-Aqsa Flood demonstrates once again that the choice of resistance is the one that expresses the will of the Palestinian people, and that the forces of normalization will be pushed into the trash can of the region’s history along with its Arab rulers and others.”

It is worth noting that the Gaza Strip has been subjected to savage bombing by Zionist occupation planes for the past three days, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of martyrs.


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