A leader in the framework reveals surprises in “Theft of the Century”


Turki Al-Utbi, the coordinating framework’s chairman, unveiled surprises in the steal of the century on Sunday.

Al-Utbi stated in an interview with Al-Ma “The investigative committees in the theft of the century file continue to perform their duties in determining the merits of what happened and what names are directly or indirectly involved in the seizure of huge sums of money.”

He stated, “Important surprises emerged at the end of last week in the knowledge of new names involved in the theft of the century,” anticipating “the issuance of summons or arrest orders against 10 people for investigation.”

He stated that “the government is serious about uncovering the mystery of the theft of the century and bringing all those involved to justice,” noting that “investigations reveal day after day the involvement of others in the case, which contributes to knowing the fate of the looted funds.”

The heist of the century is the greatest corruption scheme found months ago, and it implicated several leaders in Al-Kazemi’s cabinet.


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