A leader in the framework: Issuing an arrest warrant against Al-Kadhimi is “just a matter of time”


Turki Al-Utbi, the coordinating framework’s chief, indicated on Friday that the issuing of an arrest warrant for the former Prime Minister is only a matter of time.
Al-Utbi stated in an interview with Al-Ma “Former Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi committed 9 clear and serious violations while managing the most important state positions, and there are several files that are currently being investigated in-depth by specialized committees.”

He added, “Issuing an arrest warrant against Al-Kadhimi is just a matter of time, but the decision ultimately remains with the judicial authority as it is concerned with assessing the situation and making rulings according to the facts, but all indications indicate that “the former prime minister committed major violations.” He stated that “the extent of corruption during the government Al-Kadhimi is senior, and many files are currently under scrutiny and investigation.” A number of additional advisers to the former Prime Minister are anticipated to face arrest and detention decisions.”
A number of Al-Kadhimi’s aides were arrested a while ago after the courts issued arrest warrants for them in connection with alleged corruption charges.


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