A leader in Al-Fatah reveals 23 opportunities to abandon American weapons


On Monday, Jabbar Odeh, a leader in the Al-Fatah Alliance, acknowledged that Iraq had 23 windows to consider abandoning American weaponry, citing four clear negatives in this context.

Speaking to the Maalouma Agency, Odeh said, “America’s strategy after the occupation is to push Iraq to acquire its weapons at high levels despite their exaggerated cost and the uselessness of many of them in dealing with battlefields,” adding that “its goal is to determine how to use them through ammunition and maintenance points.” “.

According to Odeh, “Iraq has 23 opportunities to abandon American weapons, which have been proven over time to suffer from four drawbacks, including expensive maintenance, determining the quality of ammunition, and not revealing many of its secrets, which makes them unsuitable for Iraq.”

He went on to say, “Friendly countries are ready to support Baghdad with modern weapons at reasonable prices to enhance its security and confront terrorism, and this is a step to which we must pay attention by diversifying the sources of importing weapons from several countries, not just from Washington.”


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