A Kurdish bloc calls for accelerating the legislation of the oil and gas law


On Saturday, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan parliamentary group urged the government to speed up the writing of the oil and gas law, which has been delayed since 2005, stressing that enacting the law is the only option to settle the region’s issues with the center.

In an interview with the Maalouma Agency, the bloc’s spokesperson, Suzanne Mansour, stated, “The oil and gas law has not seen the light of day since 2005, which impedes any efforts to end the crises between Baghdad and Erbil.”

She went on to say that “enacting the law will benefit Iraq in general and end the disputes between the region and the center,” and she emphasized the importance of “collaborating between Baghdad and the region to find quick solutions for legislating the oil and gas law.”

She stated that “everyone hopes to resolve the outstanding controversial points and proceed with the procedures for legislating the law within the dome of Parliament.”

The Oil, Gas, and Natural Resources Committee previously reiterated Parliament’s intention to adopt the oil and gas legislation during the current session, noting that approval of the bill will help to the resolution of the Baghdad-Erbil conflict.


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