A deputy determines the amount of money recovered from corruption mafias


Representative Basem Khashan presented the amount of money collected from the country’s corruption mafias on Sunday.

“The extent of corruption in Iraqi state institutions is large and it penetrates into multiple sectors,” Khashan said in an interview with Al-Ma’louma, adding that “the amount of money recovered from corruption mafias is very limited compared to the looted money, which reaches terrifying numbers.”

He went on to say, “There are three complications in recovering money, especially for those who fled outside the country in terms of countries’ cooperation and seeking to know its fate,” as well as the fact that “corruption remains a direct source of threat to the state structure if it is not combated clearly without any influence from any parties.”

He went on to say that “it is necessary to move all the files in the Integrity Commission and the rest of the oversight bodies and seek to end the investigations and reveal the results to public opinion,” and added that “it is not possible to build a country that suffers from corruption at high levels.”

State institutions are plagued by extensive corruption and the waste of vast sums of money on pointless initiatives.”


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