A Concerned Parliamentarian Is Surprised That The “Oil And Gas” Law Has Not Been Approved Yet.. What Does He Need?


Representative Sajjad Salem, a member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, spoke on the Oil and Gas Law today, Thursday.

Salem said in a statement to the “Earth News” publication, “The law so far is just a draft and has not reached the Iraqi Council of Representatives, as passing this law requires a political agreement between the existing political blocs, and until now there are disagreements on this issue, and there are also negotiating committees between the center and The region regarding the oil and gas law.”

“This law is very important and long overdue, especially since we are an oil-producing state,” he continued. It is unnatural for the oil and gas legislation to not be in force yet, because this law must be based on the constitution, and some of its sections require wealth sharing, wealth management, and joint oil field management, and it must also be founded.” To the Federal Court’s rulings since they have become binding and must be considered.”


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